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 Career Guidance in AI by The Experts

Get guided by the best
Our experts are data scientists, product managers, evangelists and researchers from Amazon, Microsoft , IBM and top companies.  

Why Take Career Guidance in AI

Get the right advice at the right time
to all the confusions troubling your mind
What do I need to know in order to become a datascientist/ How do I land a job as a data scientist ?
I am a non technical person, how can I start my career in AI, which online course to take
How do I build a portfolio of real-world projects and where to start from 
How Can I apply AI in my current organisation or business 
How much coding do I need to learn to get a job in the field of AI?
Which coding language should I learn to get started in AI
Experts can help you guide through many more questions regarding
your career and even business 

How it Works

1. Email us

The first step is to share some background about you and what are your interested in pursuing in the field of artificial intelligence. 

Typing on Computer
On a Video Call

2. Meet the Expert

Your coach is specifically selected based on your requirement. You will have one on one sessions with your coach. You make the payment on being matched

3. Practice Makes Perfect

You will get expert guidance and feedback from your coach including a custom action lesson plan for you to practice and achieve your set goal 

Computer Software Guidance

Plan that works for you

After having successfully coached over hundred people, we believe, the following two packages makes best sense  

 *Pay only when get matched 


- 1 Live Coaching session 

- Custom action plan

- 15 days email support

 *Pay only when get matched 


- 3 Live Coaching session 

- Custom action plan

- 45 days email support

 *Pay only when get matched 

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