#Applied AI

The biggest opportunities with DS & ML in the future will NOT lie in their implementation, but rather in their application.

Basics of AI

A good way to get some basic understanding of the concept of AI. To keep it simple, suggested her are some resources

Your Domain

Explore all the use cases in your industry and in your business function and how has AI helped to optimise marketing, operations and more

Your Needs

Identify your need as a business, are you looking for growth or looking cost optimisation, then map the AI use cases with your needs

AI Problem

Its important to find a small problem with a small impact.  then defining the problem and defining the exact metric to be tested for

Tools & Team

There a lot many readily available tools which can be to check whether you need to hire a team or use your use engineering team to run the code


You may need to develop a model or you can simply use an existing service, but still you need to develop the whole process 

For Success

Apply the model and try to see how can improve the solution, is it because of AI only the solution not working 

To Improve

Keep improving until it dies 

To Scale

AI helps you scale, the experiment may help you to scale but it may not even help