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Machines are helping brands design apparels

Managers & Working Professionals 

In depth analysis and discussion, of real life case studies, of AI applications in businesses, helping you develop an #AImindset. 

4th July  |  Live

Designed for Professionals

 Case Study Approach

Certificate of completion

Instructor Led Discussion


Machines are helping brands design apparels

6th July  |  11.00 a.m (IST) | 60 - 90 Min

Globally Retailers and Fashion Brands have started recognising the opportunities, that artificial intelligence bring to improving the way they design for and interact with their customers. In fact, the fashion industry leaders, are working towards merging, both analytics and AI with human intelligence and creativity to use what is known as “Amplified Creative Intelligence.”

In each of the session, Pallav(Author) along with an AI industry practitioner, will be taking you through a complete case study of real life business application of AI. The session has been designed to help you develop an application oriented understanding of artificial intelligence and develop a AI mindset from a functional stand point view, eventually helping you develop a AI mindset. 

 * Understand how machines are helping in designing 

About the Author 

Pallav,( , has represented India for A.I Innovation in retail at London Tech Week 2018, he coaches organisations to adopt artificial intelligence and also mentors individuals to help them take the first step. He is the founder Istyleyou - named as among the 7 startups that could transform the business of retail by India Retailing. He has a rich experience in creating technology products and currently mentoring 3 startups in space of artificial intelligence. 

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