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Overcome Fear of AI 

With Dr Shailesh Kumar, Chief Data Scientist , Reliance JIO

30th May (Saturday) at 11.00 am IST

Biggest barrier to artificial intelligence adoption, is the word FEAR, the fear of complexity, the fear unknown, fear of coding and more. Conquer your fear with Dr Shailesh Kumar on 30th May Saturday. Hosted by Pallav Modi , founder AImadesimple


How to get started in AI

How to select an online course

Do I need to learn coding 

AI now and the future

AI adoption techniques 

Dr. Shailesh Kumar is the Chief Data Scientist at Reliance Jio. He was recognized as one of the Top 10 data scientists in India in 2015 and top 50 Analytics Leaders in India in 2018 by the Analytic Science Magazine. He also serves as a visiting faculty of Machine Learning at Indian School of Business. Prior to this, Researcher in the Google Brain team, Senior Scientist at Yahoo! Labs, and Principal Scientist at Fair Isaac Research.he was a Distinguished Scientist at Ola, Co-Founder at ThirdLeap - an EdTech AI company He has published over 20 conference papers, journal papers, and book chapters and holds about 20 patents in these areas.

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