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 First Step To AI : Online Workshop

Executives and Working Professionals

19th June (Saturday) at 11.00 a.m - 1.00 p.m IST

Have you always wanted to learn or understand AI, but never knew where to start from, cannot blame you. With so much information floating about artificial intelligence , it has become nightmare for a non technical person to even understand "What is AI"


What is AI

Understanding of Basic Terminologies

Develop your first deep learning AI model

AI Tools and Short Cuts to get started in AI

AI online courses you should take

AI, You, Jobs and Future

Pallav( , has represented India for A.I Innovation in retail at London Tech Week, he coaches organisations to adopt artificial intelligence and also mentor individuals to help them take the first step. He is the founder Istyleyou - named as among the “7 startups that could transform the business of retail” . Pallav has a rich experience in creating technology products and currently mentoring 3 startups in space of artificial intelligence

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