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Guided Projects

1.5-2.00 Hrs


No Code


In my experience, of making AI simple,  I have constantly seen professionals wanting to get a hands on experience by working on projects that will demonstrate to employers their ability to apply a skill and also give the confidence to get started with their Artificial Inteliigence Journey. 


6th June | 11.00 a.m (IST)

Build A Car Damage Assessment 

System Without Coding

Bump, dent, scratch or crack? Build a model from scratch that does what your insurance company does, classify damages to automate damage assessment

- Understand the basics of Vision AI

- Develop an AI model from scratch 

- Tune your model for perfection 

Desktop Only 

English, Hindi

1.5-2.00 Hrs


Car Damage

Soon Adding More...

We plan to add more guided projects in a couple of weeks time, in the meanwhile, we would love to take your suggestions on new topics to cover and your support to help us grow. 

Please write to us on

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