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Apply AI In Covid

With AI you can administer social distancing norms, offer remote diagnostic support, automated customer servicing, contactless temperature mapping and lot more. Lets get back to business

AI Solutions For Covid

Supported By AIMS Community Partners

  • Administer Social Distancing 

     Feeds from existing CCTV cameras  are analysed to provide real-time data on  whether safe distances are maintained between people 

  • Automate Customer Service

    Automate Customer conversation    across multiple channels telephony, sms, social media and chat platforms , Be available 24*7 

  • Automate KYC Verification

    Verify all your customer documents at a click of button, this would help you service the customer faster and adhere to all compliances

  • Contactless Access

    Enable contactless access for your employees, contract workers , customers, using cctv and or mobile device with camera

  • Monitor Mask Adoption

     Detect whether people are wearing masks or not in public areas , office complex, residential area using existing cctv

  • Remote Car Diagnostics

    Empower your customers to evaluate the damage automatically and remotely assist them to take corrective measures

  • Key Less Room Access

    Offer contact less check-in and check-out option for a safe guest experience. Guest do not need to go reception to get keys

  • AI Voice Assistant 

    Voice assistant can take orders at the restaurant, keep guests entertained , take feedback on their experience and so much more

  • Custom Solutions

    We can help you identify where AI can really add value to your business and design a solution with aimadesimple community partners 

Career Guidance in AI 

by the Experts

We will guide you on how to get started with your career in AI, our experts will coach you to help you acquire the knowledge, information, skills, and experience necessary to identify the career options, and narrow them down to make one career decision.