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Develop An AI Mindset 
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Generative AI For Everyone

Online Course | Generative AI | Non Technical

Yet another simple and comprehensive free course by the AI pioneer Andrew Ng. This course will help you to clearly understand the concept of Generative AI at the basic leval and will certainly give you the confidnence of trying it our yourself for using GenAI in your day tyo day activities. 


Generative AI for Business Leaders

Online Course | Generative AI | Non Technical

Generative AI for Business Leaders by LinkedIn's Chief Product Officer, Tomer Cohen, this course is essential for senior executives and aspiring leaders. Gain crucial insights into how generative AI works, its disruptive potential, and its limitations. Equip yourself with key tools to reshape the future of your business and career. Join the journey towards innovation and reinvention.


Introduction to Generative AI

Online Course | Generative AI | Non Technical

Explore Generative AI in this introductory microlearning course. Understand its definition, functioning, distinct model types, and applications. Delve into the differences from traditional machine learning methods and discover Google Tools to aid in developing your own Gen AI apps. Perfect for those seeking a foundational understanding of Generative AI.

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Free Practical Generative AI Course

Online Course | Generative AI | Non Technical

Gain hands-on skills in creating AI chatbots with Chatbase, optimizing ChatGPT for high-quality responses, generating videos and images using AI, and crafting realistic voiceovers with ElevenLabs. Equip yourself with practical expertise to seamlessly integrate generative AI technologies into professional practices.


Introduction to Prompt Engineering for Generative AI

Online Course | Generative AI | Non Technical

Led by software developer Ronnie Sheer, it provides a comprehensive introduction to large language models, delving into responsible text generation using AI. Covering models like Chat GPT, GPT-3, and J1 with few-shot learning, as well as AI-generated images with Dall-E and Midjourney, the course concludes with advanced concepts such as prompt fine-tuning and API interaction.


Making Friends with AI & ML

Youtube Video | Artificial Intelligence | Non Technical

Cassie Kozyrkov, Chief Decision Scientist at Google Cloud, leads a beginner-friendly lecture on AI & machine learning. Focused on big ideas over technicalities, emphasizing practical applications over technical details. Using examples like Atari Slider game Breakout, simplifies complex concepts, making AI & machine learning accessible to beginners while showcasing its role in decision-making with data and demystifying the subject for all.


AI IN 5 Mintues

Youtube Video | Summary | Simple

There is so much discussion and confusion about #AI nowadays. People talk about deeplearning and computerVision without context. In this short video, Raj Ramesh give context on how to think about AI.


Elements Of AI

Online Course | Interactive | Mathemtical 

With no complicated math or programming required, The elements of AI is a free online course for everyone interested in learning what AI is, what is possible (and not possible) with AI, and how it affects our lives .

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AI For Everyone

Online Course | Beginners | Non Technical

Designed and presented by Andrew Ng. You will learn the basics of AI . It covers a wide array of topics from the basics to an organisation developing an AI team and mindset. Since, AI is not only for engineers. If you want your organisation to become better at using AI


AI for Managers

Online Course | Applied AI | No Coding

Non Coding approach to learn and apply AI, designed by experts at AI for Managers, will help you develop AI Skills, with an objective to apply these skills at your organisation or business.

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