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L'Oréal CEO, Nicolas Hieronimus, announced Beauty Genius, a fully personalized AI and GenAI powered solution

14th Jan'24

L'Oréal launched Beauty Genius at CES2024, a generative AI-based interactive first and personalized beauty advisor, its not just a simple chatbot, but a personal stylist giving recommendations based on individual diagnostics. 


Walmart debuts generative AI search and AI replenishment features at CES

10th Jan'24

Walmart is leveraging technologies, including augmented reality (AR), drones, generative AI, and other Artificial Intelligence tech to work in order to improve the shopping experience for customers


AIR India Successfully Deploys Airline Industry’s First Generative AI Virtual Agent, powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service

10th Nov'23

Shifting gears to the airline industry. Air India's Maharaja is making waves as the first Generative AI virtual agent. Handling over half a million customer queries daily in multiple languages, it's powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI service. They've got plans to enhance its capabilities, focusing on user experience improvements and support for additional Indian languages.


Adobe Firefly: What are Adobe's new AI features?

23rd Oct'23

Adobe is also making headlines with Firefly, an AI image-generation tool with an ethical twist. It's all about licensed images and public domain content, making it a safe bet for commercial design work. The plan is to integrate Firefly into big hitters like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and InDesign, bringing AI assistance to creative design.


Uber Freight Insights AI: bringing the power of generative AI to enterprise shippers

28th Sep'23

Uber Freight is making logistics decisions a whole lot smarter with Insights AI. It's like your logistics sidekick, offering insights through generative AI. With a data goldmine of over $18 billion in freight, they're covering everything from descriptive to predictive insights, revolutionizing decision-making in the logistics space.


Auto Waste Segregation using computer vision and Robotics

30th Aug'20

‘Sanjivani’, artificial intelligence, machine learning (ML) an IoT-enabled device automatically sorts or segregates waste that can be recycled.

AI in Agriculture

Farm - Agri Business Communication through speech recognition 

30th July'20

A beautiful use case on how Uniphore used its cutting edge speech recognition to help Indian farmers communicate and get access to timely information

AI in Finance

A machine-learning approach to
venture capital

30th July'20

An interest approach  shared by Hone Capital managing partner Veronica Wu on how their team uses a data-analytics models to make investments. 

AI In Fashion

Myntra is using AI & ML to come up with new designs for its private label brands

18th July'20

Moda Rapido and Here & Now, two in-house brands of Myntra have more data scientist, than fashion designers working on the new designs. 

AI in Auto

ICICI  has partnered with Microsoft to develop  AI-enabled inspection feature

8th July'20

A good example of how deep tech solutions are being used to solve the real problem of the customer and more so when contactless experience is must

AI For Police

Voice-powered virtual assistant that officers talk to using their Motorola Solutions radio.

30 June'20

ViQi answers common queries quickly, getting officers the information that they need to respond safely while staying focused on the incident.

AI In Sports

Novak Djokovic Used A.I. to Train for Wimbledon

30 June'20

A.I. for tennis like that developed by RightChain provides an extremely detailed view of how players and their opponents approach the game.

AI In Construction

Use of AI on Construction Sites, for workers to communicate and get instant response

27 June'20

The virtual assistant can retrieve and store various kinds of information from individual spoken sentences, but it also can recognise context,

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