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Simple AI Examples - Travel

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Have you ever wondered how does google maps is always right about your time to the destination , how come uber is best at providing you cab at any place any time and how does knows where are you going before you even start searching . AI certainly has a big role to play

Use of google maps to find the route and time to destination
A Young Lady using google maps in cab

1. Best Route Estimation -

Google Maps in itself is an A.I application , which keeps learning everyday that is the very reason it generates the shortest and acceptable route for you every time you ask google for directions. Today GM , tells you traffic , bus number and even connection plan in much faster and scalable manner than any human. This has only been possible because GM algorithm has been trained for multiple shortest path problem for multiple scenarios , which has transformed the algorithm into a robust model.

2. Pricing by Cab Aggregators Apps

Can't only pick Uber on this , but all major ride hailing apps , calculate pricing of your trip on the basis of the new "route-based pricing" system utilizes machine-learning techniques , so now your pricing not only depend upon the demand , distance but also a number of sociological factors , they have figured out to know how is your willingness to pay. This is the magic of social network graphs a branch of machine learning.

3. Foreign Language Translation Apps

There are multiple translation apps and certainly they are a big asset while travelling to a foreign land. This one app - Triplingo , helped me big time to navigate across european country and also have great time with local people. This has only been possible with the development of multiple deep learning model in Natural Language Processing or call it Neural Language Processing.

You may not need to know these model , neither remember their names , but what is required to know the possibilities can A.I open for your business or your career.



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