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AI Courses for Finance Guys

Artificial Intelligence is a vital part of finance sector now. But exactly what is AI ? What are its applications in finance? How shall finance professionals prepare for an AI world? Don’t worry. We have compiled few simple course’s for you to get started.

AI in finance by Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE) CFTE is an educational platform for finance professionals to empower them with of artificial intelligence. They have a rich panel of experts, some of which includes lecturer’s from oxfords, former co-directors from MIT Center for Finance, former head of digital & Innovation at Standard Chartered Bank and many other profound personalities.

They have plenty of real case studies for study and host knowledge tests through their quizzes and tests.

Course comprises of strong foundation for machine learning algorithms, applications of practical problems in finance, understanding of ML methods can be used in finance sectors such as stock trading, asset management, banking applications and others.

prepare the students to work on complex machine learning projects in finance that often require both a broad understanding of the whole field of ML.

Their AI course finance is created by New York University, Tandon school of engineering. Coursera also provide financial aid for its courses.

Online Course in Artificial Intelligence by NGEE ANN Polytechnic They provide online course of 6 months which is divided in 18 modules. On successful completion of the 18 quizzes leads to a Certificate of Completion of “Artificial Intelligence in Finance”. Each module also benefits from its online discussion forum, where participants can share, comment and exchange ideas on discussed topics.

You should certainly check out our blog on “Simple A.I courses for business Leaders” to know the best courses on A.I for people interested to understand how A.I is impacting business globally.



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