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AI IN 2019 : Flashback

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

In 2019, Globally companies have started adopting artificial intelligence either in their core processes to increase revenue or in their non core processes to decrease cost. But this year, also saw a lot of hype being built around A.I, to cut through this hype and make its simple for you guys to understand what happened in AI in 2019 Here is our take.

AI In 2019 Flashback

Vision AI in Farming

Farmers can now use computer vision combined with robotics to manage weeds more precisely and effectively. With the help of AI, now farmers can now spray chemicals exactly at the weed. This helps farmers reduce cost of pesticide and also makes their crop more organic. There are many other ways in which AI is assisting farmers to get better yields and less wastage, but this use case of vision AI ,is now being gradually adopted globally

Artificial Intelligence in Agricuture
Precision Farming Using Artificial Intelligence

Voice AI in Call Centers

In 2019, Voice AI, came to the forefront, Alexa and Google Home leading the experience on the B2C side, but there is a lot more happening in the B2B side , specifically with Call Center's increasingly adopting of Voice AI to reduce cost, as bots are able to answer frequently asked questions, intelligently route the call to the right agent and also give the option to business to be on call 24*7. It is also helping them increasing revenue, as AI helps the agents better understand the customer.

Artificial Intelligence in Call Centers
Call Centers Adopting AI

AI Coaching Tennis Champions

Atlanta-based RightChain's AI solution, might have played to the advantage of Novak Djokovik on going to win the Wimbledon again the GOAT Roger Federer. For example, like existing solutions can tell haw many baseline points, player won, RightChain's AI solution, can further dissect the baseline points by rally time, speed of serve and many more, thus helping to convince the players that their focus should be on those early touches

Artificial Intelligence in Sports
Djokovik At Wimbeldon

Impossible to is answer "What is AI"

In 2019, Answering "What is artificial Intelligence" has almost become impossible, with millions of online courses and blogs, everyone has a different take on it, none of them wrong. Even the guru's of A.I (Andrew Ng) have not clearly defined A.I, the reason being, there is no general theory of intelligence. If next time, some one is telling you "What is A.I" , just accept it with a smile, until and unless you have a clear understanding of what is AI.

What is Artificial Intelligence , What is AI
Explaining "What is Artificial Intelligence"

Conversational AI In Customer Support

Natural Language Processing last year their has made considerable progress from just understanding the words to now understanding the context and even to the emotions behind what is being said. This advancement has made conversational AI , more human like. Now much like a human assistant, a voice bot or a chat bot, can ask questions and understand answers and can help companies automate many more customer support processes. Below is an example of how mastercard is using chatbot to service its customers.

Natural Language Processing Use Case
Mastercard Bot - Conversational AI

Fear of AI because of Hyper Localised Targeted Marketing

Their is a growing fear among people, that their phone is listening to everything they are saying or talking , because that very moment a lot of them feel , they have received an Ad , exactly about the same thing they were talking about. This hyper localised targeted marketing has been made possible by advancements in computer power which has enabled the promise of AI. I believe they are not listening, but yes they tracking each digital footprint of yours.

Fear of Artificial Intelligence
Conversing on Phone

I am sure there are many more interesting use cases of artificial intelligence which must have been adopted in 2019, the above list is what I have been exposed to in my journey of making AI simple.

Hopefully 2020, makes AI more human and less intelligent.



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