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AI in Sept22 : 5 Key Highlights

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Here is a curated list of events, news, article and more in the month of September 2022 from all over the world to make "AI Simple"

1. An AI Break through : AlphaFold a Google-Deepmind project, reveals the structure of the protein universe , AlphaFold is the singular and momentous advance in life science that demonstrates the power of AI. Determining the 3D structure of a protein used to take many months or years, it now takes seconds.

2. Bangalore Floods Probably a lot of us may be aware of the financial & personal consequences of the #Bangalore floods. an excellent article, on how #AI can be used to manage these disaster management situations

3. Business Benefit of AI : ROI on AI is always, a must boardroom discussion, here is an interesting article on how IT leaders and industry observers lend insights on how to get a clear idea of whether your AI efforts are paying off. #AIformanagers

4. DALL.E-2 re-inventing ART using AI : Here is an excellent video, on how new AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language. #OpenAI.

5. Startup Spotlight : Indika AI, is attempting to solve the one of the biggest problem of enough data to test and train AI models by developing a platform to generate synthetic data. This will help generating more consistent data sets helping develop accurate results faster and better.

*6. Special : Learn simply about the different layers of Artificial Intelligence

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