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AI : Paint your Dream on a Canvas

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

The year 2022 can be very well dedicated to be year with some of the most iconic developments in the space of Artificial intelligence. To be specific, the advancement in generative AI of creating ART and Design is just mind blowing, giving every Tom, Dick and Harry the capability of actually painting their dreams on a Canvas and developing some surreal imagery.

It was just last week, when Open AI, removed the wait list to experience DALLE - 2, a diffusion model to generate digital images from natural language descriptions. When I used it for the first time it just blew my mind of the endless possibilities of imagery I could create.

The release DALLE-2, just opened the flood gates, with META (Previously facebook) came out with its HM3D-Sem dataset to create real world 3D-Simulators, followed by Google Imagen Video, a text-to-video AI.

So for you to experience them and understand their potential , sharing here links and apps developed by there mega tech companies.

  1. DALLE - 2 by Open AI : a new AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language and now with the waitlist over, you can simply login to there platform and experience magic, by creating just narrating your dream and let AI put it on the canvas. here is what I made when I wrote - " a monkey in a forest eating banana with a candle"

2. HM3D-Sem by META : IT is the largest-ever dataset of 3D indoor spaces. It consists of 1,000 high-resolution 3D scans (or digital twins) of building-scale residential, commercial, and civic spaces generated from real-world environments.

3. Imagen Video by Google : A text-to-video AI mode capable of producing 1280×768 videos at 24 frames per second from a written prompt. Currently, it's in a research phase. Its only after 3-6 months DALLE came out with the text to image model, Google have up the stakes. Here is the video it generated when you say - "Sprouts in the shape of text 'Imagen' coming out of a fairytale book"

Keep watching this space for more such exciting news and updates, I am trying to publish one article every week and since this is a passion project by people who are otherwise working full time, but our committed to the cause of making AI simple for all, we will need all your support and feedback to make this reach to a bigger audience.

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