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Simple AI Examples - Shopping

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

We have picked simples examples of how AI is helping you shop better and faster. With Amazon , Alibaba and Walmart try to win more customer , AI in shopping will be an interesting space to watch.

The lady in the apparel store is using mobile for finding similar products online using image recognition technology based on artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence making you a smart shopper

1. Online Shopping Recommendation based on A.I

Almost everyone of us has surely have shopped online , let's talk about amazon recommendation engine. They recorde each data point of your browsing journey on amazon , runs them through an A.I model which is self learning and then deliver you recommendations across multiple categories.

For this blog consider the A.I model as a black box , which has inputs of your browsing history and outputs of your recommendation and they have approx 60% click through on their recommendations.

Recommendation Engine based on Artificial Intelligence
Amazon Recommendation engine based on AI

2. Eyewear Virtual Try on Mobile App -

Who thought people would eyewear online and today with Virtual Try On feature provided by retailers like , you as a customer is far more confident buying online. Similarly has installed smart mirrors in retail stores. The core technology used here is Facial recognition and deep learning algorithms which identifies your face shape , gender , skin color and many other minute points.

Image Recognition Based Smart Mirror Smart Mirror Solution

3. Similar Product Comparison

How can we forget this , you exactly wanted the same dress your that a celebrity wore on the red carpet and don't know from where to shop from. Now , you just need to upload that image and amazon with its image search capability will throw the closest dresses you wanted or probably the same one. Again using image recognition algorithm which identifies the colors , patterns , apparel type , silhouette and many more parameters to match it with their inventory

Similar Image Search based on Artificial Intelligence Image Recognition Solution

There are many more examples of A.I in retail and shopping , but I have picked the simplest ones which we are aware of and would help you probably understand how AI is transforming the retail space.



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