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How Retailers are using Image Recognition

Fashion Businesses are using Image Recognition solutions to engage with customers , to analyze in store behavior , power image search on e-commerce and many more ways. In this article , we have listed the most widely use applications.

1. Visual Search on

ASOS is powering visual search on it mobile application. Simply Click or Upload an image and the search result would show apparels with similar colour , sillhouette and gender. This has been made possible by training the AI model with images of millions of apparels tagged for colour , gender , sillhouette , materail and many more. So now when you upload a picture , it knows what you have trained the system for.

Image Recognition Powering Visual Search
Visual Search by

2. Facial Recognition for Customer Loyalty at Cafe (

Cafes like Chaipoint are powering customer loyalty through facial recognition. While Placing the order in front of POS, the system after taking your permission , would capture your face and the billing guy would tag the image with your name. So next time you visit any of the Cafes and stand in front of the POS , system would identify you by your name and add loyalty points to your face :) . No need to give your mobile number. This AI Model is called - "Same Person Identification" .

Image Recognition application powering customer loyalty in Retail
Face Recognition at Cafe

3. Interesting one : Facedeal - Check in with your Face

A very interesting use case , although not widely used and nothing to do with facebook. Just watch

4. Retail Store Planning - Trax

Product Image Recognition is helping retailer conduct audit of their stores helping them to deliver seamless customer experience and also helping optimization of operations , thus reducing cost.

There are many interesting applications of image recognition that are being used in retail store.

like , where smart mirror recommends what kind of eyewear suit your face and helps you style as per your profile.



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