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AI Courses for Business Managers

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Top Picks of AI courses for business managers , the list have been made considering the quality of content , recommendations by experts and also taking into the credibility of the course owner. We have personally also taken some courses.

Cost : Free without certification

This is a 6 weeks course , taught by Jong-Moon Chung. I have taken this. It’s a completely non technical course and gives a good functional understanding of deep learning. It introduces the most popular DL open source software TensorFlow, CNTK (Cognitive Toolkit), Keras, Caffe, Theano, and their characteristics. It certainly does a very good job of giving a complete picture of Deep Learning , but lacks a little bit on the Case study pedagogy.

Cost : Low Fees

This a 17 hour video tutorial based pedagogy course , in which they explain the concepts of data science , machine learning and deep learning and help you develop a AI real world applications. I would suggest this course is good one for product managers in technology or product companies , as this course will give you a good hands on experience of developing an AI application and also will give good understanding on the algorithms which shape up intelligent algorithm.

Cost : High Fees

It’s a 5 day virtual classroom online course , spread over 10 modules which shall expose you to multiple frameworks , case studies and experiments to create an AI mindset. This one is good for professional who are short on time and will to understand this topic , but still understand its relevance in the time to come . This a classroom approach which can be very beneficial as this will have real time personal interaction , which provides a great mental support in learning a new topic.

Cost : High Fees

This is a 6 Weeks online course developed by MIT Management Executive education. I have gone through the course structure and brochure , I would recommend this course for professionals who are at senior management level , as this would give them good view and understanding of how AI is assisting business shape their strategies . The good part is that there is a module where you will exposed some technical bits of AI and yes at end you get a certification from MIT.

I really love to support in making it easy for any person anywhere in the world to get clarity on AI.



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