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Visual Simulation Tools - AI

Similar to a flying simulator , you don't need to know fly , but can play with it to get the idea of how flying a plane is like is. Similarly we have picked these AI tools which shall give you a good idea of how AI Works

You can use Artificial intelligence tools to help you understand A.I better
Artificial Intelligence Playgrounds

1. Neural Network Playground by google , is a web based simulation tool developed by google. Although it is a little technical to understand , but by far the best visualization tool to understand how deep learning functions. To better understand how to use this tool , search for a 8 minute video - "Complete Guide to TensorFlow for Deep Learning" , you will certainly appreciate it.

2. Build an A.I Model without Coding - Build, train, and ship custom deep learning models using a simple visual interface. This was one of the most trending product on , it has got many people excited for the reason it all on cloud , they are in beta phase , watch the video below

3. Microsoft Cognitive Services

Microsoft Playground - You can play with all the microsoft cognitive services , like image recognition , facial analysis , item identification , celebrity recognition , video analytics and more you just need upload an image or video and they will show you how it is done. Best thing so signups required to play with the demo , you should certainly try it .

How developers can use microsoft artificial intelligence api
Microsoft Cognitive Services

As you keep exploring you will find more , reach out to us incase you feel you want more information on this.



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