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AI Products For Work - 1

You can make PowerPoint Presentation , Website and even Design a logo within minutes , just by simply using below listed innovative products powered by AI , I would encourage you to use them to get a better understanding

Products powered by artificial intelligence which can help you understand this field
Artificial Intelligence Products

1. Creating Presentation powered by AI , its an A.I powered presentation software , available for free to try . Their goal is

train the system for basic of rules of design and blend with generally accepted human designs , so that the users can avoid doing the manual task and focus more on the presentation.

2. Create a Logo using AI , create professional looking logo in under a minute. Yes it's hard to believe , but yes you have to try it to believe it . It takes barely 3-4 clicks and some brand information and here you go. You should certainly try this , it is simple a fun. creates logo using artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence designed logo

3. Create a website using AI

Wix - ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) ( , isn't this amazing , I would not say its perfect right now , but yes it really does a good job of giving you a nice design layout or just canvas layout to start with , do try this out

Go try these out , you will get even more better understanding



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