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Recruiters are using A.I to Scan your CV/Resume. 3 Tips for you to benefit

Resume filter through Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment

The first thing you do , when you are looking for a job, is to make your resume and post it across job portals. Once that is done , you keep hoping day and night you may get an interview call from anywhere (ego boost)

But somewhere you need to realize that, recruiters have started using AI based softwares to filter and find the candidates whose resumes match what they are looking for. Even the human resources teams have started using these tools to scan through zillions of resume.

With advancement of Natural Language Processing and Scrapping algorithms , it has become possible for machines to read your resume and extract the important information.

Here are the 3 Tips for you to follow , to avoid your resume being junked.

1. Avoid Fancy Resume Formats : Avoid resumes which have fancy designs. Yes, If you are in the creative space then may be. But if you are in the managerial , engineering , financial or similar spaces , then try to keep a linear flow to your resume . Avoid images and graphs.

making a resume
Avoid fancy resumes

2. Focus on KeyWords : AI algos are searching for keywords in your resume , more the better , higher the frequency better. but of course keep it logical and linked. Avoid using flowery language.

Like "I have a strong professional managerial experience across multiple sectors" , you should say - "I have managerial experience of 4 years in the financial risk domain.

Keywords are important for your resume
Insert Keywords in Resume

3. Spell Check Spell Check : It's Important to do a spell check , I know we all know this. But still we all make typo error. If required use grammarly, that will help you even with right construction.

Looking for spelling mistakes
Avoid Spelling mistakes

Bonus Tip : Add your Professional Social Media Link like , , Github

This will help the crawler of the software to get more information about you.

My aim through is very simple , I don't want you guys to know , how A.I is impacting our daily lives and how we need to adapt to it for better.

Please write into me , if you feel this helped or leave a comment.



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