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What is not AI - Part 1

Is there a correct definition of AI, I am not sure. But I am sure of one thing, Everything that is Smart is not powered by AI, Nowadays everything is smart - Television, Watches, even water. This only confuses people, who want to understand.

Everything is not Artificial Intelligence

Smart TV, is nothing but an internet enabled screen, it really does nothing intelligent, it just helps you watch movies and videos on a bigger screen. That's all

Smart Television not powered by AI

Smart Watches is what all the digital watches now call themselves, Its majorly a screen displaying data on the mobile. If you see observe other than the fitness tracker there is nothing intelligent. Talking about fitness tracker it's an IOT device which is only counting the number of steps or heartbeat and maybe giving some suggestion to drink water or have proteins.

Smart water , Please don't try find any AI in here and be confused that how AI is now treating even our water, I am sure sooner or later there would something smart air, or it already there. This is available on amazon, Buy it, have it and you will know.

Smart Water has no AI in it . Stop looking for AI
Smart Water

The reason, we wrote this blog is to reduce the clutter in your mind about AI, because with every brand in every marketing communication it is talking about their products being smart, because of some digital element, eventually in our subconscious mind, we have started linking all smart devices with AI and therefore getting even more confused about AI.

Do read the its follow up blog . What is not AI - Part 2



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