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What is not AI - Part 2

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Following up from the post "What is not AI - Part 1". In this article, we cover applications which generally people believe are powered by AI.


The assumption that all chatbots are powered by AI/NLP is wrong. As of today, a majority of the chatbots are logical tree structure of a form to order a pizza or booking a cab. It's a new interface like mobile and web. So if you are booking a hotel next time through a chatbot, observe it will ask you form type questions in a logical flow. Yes, there are chatbots like RUUH by Microsoft and google assistant which are powered by AI as they don't follow a fixed logical flow.

2. ADs Retargeting

When you are looking up for hotels on, you must have experienced the same hotels popping up across multiple sites. A lot of people attribute this phenomenon to AI, but the truth is, the browsing history stored in cookie plays the devil by passing the information to the ad networks across the web and on rule-based systems, they get displayed to you over a week or till you take the trip.

3. All Next Generation Technology is not AI

IOT, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, AI are all mutually exclusive. But, yes, to develop AI can play an important role in developing an IOT application. For example, an IOT fitted in your car which tells what is the health of your engine may not require AI, but yes if the IoT application starts indicating when you need to change the oil on the basis of your servicing history, then it AI.

Hope this article helps you get better idea of at least what is not AI , because this helps you know to what to look for in an AI Application



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