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Globally Companies are rapidly adopting AI in multiple functions like marketing, human resource, but still many of them have not been able to reap benefits of AI at Scale. The missing piece in the puzzle is the foundational challenge is setting clear strategies and building AI skilled people

For the companies , it is imperative to map AI opportunities with business requirements of today and the future. They are also required to invest in building AI skilled people, and that does not mean just hire AI/ML engineers or retrain current engineers, but also managers, division leaders and executive and how they think about AI.


Executive Coaching 

Coach Executives on how artificial intelligence can help their organisations to reap the benefits of AI at scale. Help then gain clarity through the hype and build a differentiator in their industry. 

It now or too late  

About Pallav

First Step to AI 

This workshop helps to cut through all the  the hype of AI and guide, how to take the  first steps. All may not be required to learn Python, R , Data , Lisp, but yeah, they may be required to understand  

Take the first Step

AI Development 

Develop & Deployed AI powered products using computer vision, natural language processing, Voice based AI and machine learning.One of our products was accoladed as an AI Innovation in retail at London Tech Week '2018   

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