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How to Develop An AI Mindset

Updated: May 19, 2021

The Future is not AI, Its you. AI will only help you to make it better, the way computers, internet and mobile have done. It is time for you to embrace it, not to future proof your career but to make it better.

Develop an AI Mindset
Develop an AI Mindset

As a Manager, you will not be expected to code, but you will be expected to use AI to constantly do more with less or simply Automate , whether it is to use image recognition technologies for store surveillance or use conversational AI bot to answer customer queries or use OCR to instantly verify customer documents

Managers are not required to code, but they are expected to define, design and evaluate solutions and it’s not that managers and data scientist are going to work in silos, but it is very critical for them to have the ability to think and communicate on how can AI help to build a better solution and for they need to develop an AI mindset.

To develop an AI mindset, first you need to banish the fear of AI and start understanding how AI is being used around us. Like how amazon makes you buy more than what you had intended to buy, how google maps is able to navigate you through the city streets, for that matter how dominos is able to deliver to your home in 30 min. Try to understand what are they doing and how are they doing

Once you have started developing an understanding on how AI is impacting your life, then start reading about how AI is impacting your domain or Industry, read about most widely adopted use cases in your industry and see if those use cases can be applied in your company and do a cost benefit analysis of each them.

After evaluation you think, that a certain AI use case can be really beneficial, then figure out startups or product companies who have already have AI solution ready and get them to do a pilot.

Or if you think, you want to make the AI solution, then to start with use No Code Deep learning platforms to start developing the solution and get an engineer to work on it.

But in all of this developing an AI mindset is the most critical part

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