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#GenAI: 5 Enterprises Creating Real Business Value

Updated: Feb 13

Sticking to what we do best, making AI simple and that's why this blog to de-clutter the hype about generative AI and make you guys understand the real value that can be extracted from "Generative AI". Here is how 5 global enterprises are generating real business value  amplifying productivity in fundamental functions in ways that were once unimaginable., thereby reshaping our business playbook leveraging GenAI.

1. Walmart debuts generative AI search and AI replenishment features at CES

Jan 10, 2024

Image Credits: Walmart

Walmart just dropped a game-changer at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, Las Vegas – an AI-powered search feature on iOS that's like having a shopping assistant in your pocket. No need to search with specific names or brands; just talk to it, making the whole shopping experience a breeze. They even teased it with scenarios like hunting down items for a "unicorn-themed birthday party." Talk about upping the game in customer experience.

2. L'Oréal CEO, Nicolas Hieronimus, announced Beauty Genius, a fully personalized AI and GenAI powered solution

Jan 9, 2024

Image Credits: Getty Images

L'Oréal is not far behind with Beauty Genius. It's not your run-of-the-mill chatbot; think personal stylist meets AI beauty advisor. And they've partnered with Microsoft Teams for the Maybelline Beauty App, bringing virtual makeup application to video calls. It's all about personalized recommendations based on your individual diagnostics, taking beauty tech to a whole new level

3. AIR India Successfully Deploys Airline Industry’s First Generative AI Virtual Agent, powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service

Nov 10, 2023.

Image Credits: Air India

Shifting gears to the airline industry. Air India's Maharaja is making waves as the first Generative AI virtual agent. Handling over half a million customer queries daily in multiple languages, it's powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI service. They've got plans to enhance its capabilities, focusing on user experience improvements and support for additional Indian languages.

4. Adobe Firefly: What are Adobe's new AI features?

Oct 23, 2023

Image Credits: Adobe

Adobe is also making headlines with Firefly, an AI image-generation tool with an ethical twist. It's all about licensed images and public domain content, making it a safe bet for commercial design work. The plan is to integrate Firefly into big hitters like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and InDesign, bringing AI assistance to creative design.

5. Uber Freight Insights AI: bringing the power of generative AI to enterprise shippers

Sep 28, 2023

Image Credits: Uber

Uber Freight is making logistics decisions a whole lot smarter with Insights AI. It's like your logistics sidekick, offering insights through generative AI. With a data goldmine of over $18 billion in freight, they're covering everything from descriptive to predictive insights, revolutionizing decision-making in the logistics space.

Generative AI goes beyond mere industry hype; it's fundamentally altering our operational strategies and customer interactions. Anticipate thrilling developments. Exciting times ahead – can't wait to see how this unfolds for us. Cheers to innovation!

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