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First Step to Understand AI

You don’t need to be a data scientist, phd, software developer or a maths geek to understand AI. It is actually like you love driving a car, but do you really care about the piston technology. You need to understand its capability on what AI can do for you or for your business.

What should be the first set to take when understanding artificial intelligence
Understanding Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science which is developing systems to perform to tasks normally requiring human intelligence.

With innumerable number of courses and articles on AI , it is actually impossible for a layman or even a techie to have the courage to take up the first step. We have broken down this into simple steps, so you need to do the following things

1. Start Observing how is AI impacting your life

You need to observe that how amazon is making you buy more and more , how uber gets better of you when you need it the most and for that matter why is netflix revenues are more than the whole of hollywood. Only when you observe , you will start understanding AI Better

2. Use Products powered by AI

There are voice recognition products like alexa, google home, Siri which uses deep learning. Similarly there are products like which helps you make presentation faster and better , intelligent chatbot like Ruuh by microsoft. The more you use them you will understand the capability of AI

3. Get out of the comfort zone

Stop saying to yourself that you don’t need to know or it does not impact you

Stop believing that you would do an online course and become certified

Stop hunting for an AI developer who could make an application for you

4. Regularly Interact read and Interact

You should follow certain websites like , , and many more.

Read up report by Mckinsey and consulting firm , they have a very interesting commentary on what are the latest trends in technology and keep following , we will get you to level where you understand AI.

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