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#GenAI Tools for Work, Beyond Chatbot

Updated: Feb 13

In continuation to our GenAI blog series with the aim to unravel the GenAI true potential and how people like you and me can leverage it to further improve productivity. So, this time, we researched hard to bring you the 5 simple GenAI tools which are beyond the Chatbots (the most talked about application) and that can help you experience AI in a more professional manner.

GenAI Tools in action: Unleashing the power of AI at work


Presentation Builder in action: AI-driven streamlined presentations.

Dive into, your team's go-to presentation tool. Create presentations effortlessly with its streamlined AI, ensuring on-brand and professionally designed slides. The platform's seamless integration eliminates extra steps, making it a user-friendly alternative to traditional tools. Customize with ease and communicate in simple English. where technology meets simplicity for stunning presentations.

2. aiPDF

Conversational Search Engine

AIPDF: Your smart assistant for seamless document handling

Discover AIPDF – your all-in-one solution for documents, whether financial reports or hefty academic essays. From messy docs to massive ebooks, it handles it all effortlessly. Engage in conversation while our advanced and friendly AI generates comprehensive summaries. Questions are matched with document sections for accurate responses, all backed by extensive testing for precision. Supporting multiple languages, it responds in the language of your choice. It's like having a smart assistant for all your document needs

3. QueryPal

Research & Communication

QueryPal at work: Transforming workplace efficiency with AI

Buried in repeat questions? Meet QueryPal, the AI-powered ChatBot transforming workplace efficiency. Get better, faster answers for your whole team with an AI chatbot trained on your company documents. Automatically answering repetitive questions in Slack, Teams, and more, QueryPal digs through company documentation instantly. Say goodbye to repeated interruptions – it summarizes discussions, generates reports, and fosters seamless team communication. Elevate your workplace communication with QueryPal.


Text-to-Image | Design Effortless creativity with generative AI images

Explore the creative realm effortlessly with, a free image creation tool powered by Generative AI, which lets users easily make high-quality images using text or image prompts. It's user-friendly, offering real-time editing, 3D texture generation, and one-click generative video creation. You can also train your own custom image models. Users own what they create, and images can be used commercially. Simplify your creative journey with's user-friendly features and endless possibilities.

5. Magic Expand Canva AI Plugin

Image & Video Editor

Magic Expand effortless Canva Plugin

Experience the magic of Canva's AI-powered feature – Magic Expand. Effortlessly extend images beyond original dimensions without compromising quality. Perfect for fixing awkward framing, saving zoomed-in shots, or transforming vertical images into horizontal ones. Particularly handy for adjusting isolated images within a design, Magic Expand broadens creative possibilities. It's a key player in Canvas Magic Studio, alongside tools like Magic Grab, Magic Edit, and Magic Eraser for seamless design transformations

GenAI is not the future; it's now. Elevate your professional experience with the brilliance of Artificial Intelligence, shaping a future of innovation and impact.

For more on GenAI real business applications check out our blog:



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