AI News and Updates:6th April'21

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News and updates from all over the world in the field of artificial intelligence and deep technology. In this article, we also have startup spotlight and Video watch to learn from.

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1. AI is to play a key role in India’s growth in agriculture: Nasscom EY report

As per the recent Nasscom-Ernst & Young report titled ‘Leveraging AI to maximize India’s agriculture output.’ Although India being an agrarian economy, the agriculture sector is plagued with multiple challenges, not allowing it to perform to its potential. With the rapid advancement in AI and its application in the agri sector, it is expected to play a critical role in the growth indian agriculture.

Read Article.

2. Netra.AI a cloud based AI solutions can detect diabetic retinopathy in minutes

Developed by Sankara Eye Foundation and Singapore-based Leben Care, It is a cloud-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution powered by intel which identifies retinal conditions in a short span of time using deep learning. The AI solution is said to match the accuracy of human doctors,this reduce the screening burden on vitreoretinal surgeons as it will be able to detect diabetic retinopathy (DR) in just few minutes with the help of a few pictures. Read Article

3. A Wave Of Billion-Dollar Computer Vision Startups Is Coming

Amongst all the AI technology and capabilities, computer vision is most mature field in modern artificial intelligence. This is about to translate into enormous commercial value creation. Today, computer vision is finding applications across every sector of the economy. From agriculture to retail, from insurance to construction, entrepreneurs are applying computer vision to a wide range of industry-specific use cases with compelling economic upside. Read Article

4. Data Driven marketing and why its going to be the next normal

Companies need to understand that outdated data modelling cannot capture the consumers continuously changing behaviour and every increasing on demand expectation. With an increasing need of precision marketing which requires necessary granularity and speed. New models with old data are still likely to provide inaccurate results. To hone their insights, leaders in the new normal will take a wide-angle approach to data collection by gathering not only behavioural trends and location-based insights but also third-party analytics on their business, customers, and competitors to complement their in-house customer data. Read More

5. Coming of AR/XR : Microsoft $22 Billion U.S. Army Deal for HoloLens Advances

Microsoft aims to develop a “Heads-up-display” for U.S ground forces, the program has been named as the Integrated Visual Augmentation System, or IVAS. The commanders would now have access to project information on their visor in front of their face and would include other features such remote assistance , night vision, threat detection and more Read More

6. India’s top pharmaceuticals companies investing in digital-first pharma distribution business.

Lupin, Sun, Torrent and Cadila are acquiring a B2B marketplace for pharmaceuticals, Pharmarack. The platform has on boarded 3,000-4,000 distributors and 100,000 retailers, will provide the technological backbone to companies looking to build their own online B2B marketplace and, eventually, an online pharmacy. The major reason these leading pharma companies are are investing into building a digital first pharma distribution business is to catch up in the data game and be competitive against the new strong entrants in Retail Tech like the the Tata and Reliance.

7. Startup Spotlight : Uniphore world leader in conversational AI.

Recently Uniphore was in news for raising $140 million in Series D round of funding, making it one of the most valuable startups from India now having its dual headquarters in Palo Alto and Chennai .Started by Umesh Sachdeva and Ravi Saraogi back in 2008 in chennai, now they are a global company servicing clients for conversational analytics, conversational assistant and conversational security : Read More

8. Video Watch : Data Science and the art of "Formulation” by Dr. Shailesh Kumar

Listen in to the Guru, his explanation of Data Science and the art of formulation will make you feel so easy and comfortable, that you would gain loads of confidence to get started in AI.

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