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Online AI Courses To Get You Started, Even Better For Non-Engineers.

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

I know for the fact, that all of us believe that AI can help us grow our careers or companies, but what stops from taking the first step is "Where to start from". Usually you will hit google and then get swarmed by more 10,000 AI online courses and then your next question - "Which One Should I Take" . For people with "Non Engineering Background" , this becomes even more daunting. Lets have a look at some of the courses which can get started with the basics

AI online course
AI online course

I have personally gone through many online courses, here is a list of only 4 online courses in AI which can help you get started

AI for Managers, will help you develop AI Skills, with an objective to apply these skills at your organisation or business. Along with learning the basics, you will be learning how to build AI models from the scratch using Non Coding Tools developed by Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform and more. You will explore the domains in which AI is being used and help you develop an understanding of how the logic of it works - Click here - AI for Managers

Best For : Managers and Non Technical People To : Lean and Apply AI

AI For Everyone by Andrew Ng

Designed and presented by Andrew Ng. You will learn the basics of AI . It covers a wide array of topics from the basics to an organisation developing an AI team and mindset. Since, AI is not only for engineers. If you want your organisation to become better at using AI, this is the course to tell everyone--especially your non-technical colleagues--to take.

Best For : Executives and Non Technical People To : Learn and Understand AI

Elements of AI

The course aims to make AI more understandable. You do not need an in-depth knowledge of maths or programming skills to take the course. You can start the course flexibly in the MOOC learning environment and complete it at your convenienceIt’s nicely designed, offers short tests at the end of each section, and covers a range of topics from the philosophical implications of AI to technical subjects like Bayesian probability. It’s supposed to take about six weeks to finish, with each section taking between five and 10 hours.

Best For : Students (Tech | Non Tech) To : Understand the Basic Algorithms and Elements of AI

AI Business School

This course has been developed by Microsoft to help business executive navigate the questions surrounding implementing AI in their organisation. Since each industry behaves uniquely, the course has been customised for each industry, covering 6 major industries, manufacturing, health, financial services, retail, government and education. The free, online course is a master class series that aims to empower business leaders to lead with confidence in the age of AI.

Best For : Business Executives To : Build Industry Focussed AI Strategy

An AI engineer alone cannot alone develop and deliver an AI project, they need assistance from all the team members including product , business and sales team and more from the leadership team. If you believe AI can help you to fuel your growth, then developing an AI mindset is very critical. The above courses can be a good starting point.

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