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I am a non technical person, how can I start my career in AI ?

Updated: May 19, 2021

Today with so much information floating around AI, it can be really very frustrating for any non technical people to understand how to get started, so I though of laying out simple steps for you go get started. Here is a step wise approach to get you started

Starting a career in AI & ML
How to start a career in AI

Step 1 : Kill the fear of AI

The first thing you need to do is eliminate the fear of AI being very complex and only people with great coding skills or mathematical inclination can excel in this field. You just need to loosen up and believe that you can also learn AI even if you understand school level mathematics

Step 2 : Take some basic courses of AI

Start with some simple basic courses of AI, which can give you a good understanding of "What is AI" and "How can you apply it" , please don't invest in expensive courses which claim that they can make you masters of AI within 3-6 months. By going through a basic, you will have a much better idea which direction to take. After having trained/coached over 500 managers and executive, we have developed an inexpensive complete guide for managers : AI for Manager : Complete guide.

Step 3 : Read up on AI applications in your interest area or domain

Read up blogs of how AI is being applied in your industry or area of your interest, if your interest area is travelling then follow the Airbnb blogs, if your interest area is e-commerce, then follow the blogs written by amazon, stichfix and certainly you look up for all the industry use cases, the more you read the better you will understand.

Step 4 : Try to get a AI mentor to guide you or coach you

AI is very vast, its like an ocean, try to get a mentor to guide you in your journey to learning AI. You may want to follow mentors on linked in and twitter and ask for their guidance

Step 5 : Develop simple project using Non Coding Tools

You don't need to learn python or any other coding language to develop simple AI projects, you can develop simple projects on Non coding platforms developed by google, Microsoft and amazon. This will give you a hands on experience of developing AI models and make you confident on AI .

Step 6 : Be a part of active AI communities

There are many active AI communities on social media,actively participate in them, there is no better way of learning that community learning and you can always post your doubts there and get instant resolutions.

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