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What is Artificial Intelligence ?

Artificial Intelligence sounds simple and it is actually simple, it is intelligence demonstrated by machines, that's it. Believe me, that's it, else you will go bonkers. With the story of IVO you will get your basics right

Let's hear this story of IVO, it will help you understand the basics of AI

In 2030, I brought a Life Size robot from, came home and put the robot on charging. While Robot was charging, I thought of giving a name to it. I named it IVO.

I connect my IVO with my house the wifi and started syncing all my social media accounts, official emails and calendar. Thereafter I went to sleep, leaving IVO to get synched overnight.

6.00 a.m I got up and I rushed to see IVO. It seemed to me as it was sleeping, but as I came close to it, I heard IVO saying - Good Morning Sam, and I smiled.

Image Recognition: IVO eyes are Cameras, which captures the images, processes it through an Image Recognition Algorithm to identify the person in front as Sam.

8.00 a.m I was going for a bath, I shouted - "IVO please play Frozen". IVO said - "Sure Sam, playing Frozen"

Speech Recognition: IVO ears are microphones, which captures the speech, process it through a Speech Recognition algorithm to understand what is being said in the Speech.

9.00 a.m, while I was having breakfast, I asked IVO to read the Newspaper and it started.

Natural Language Processing(NLP): IVO camera (eyes), captures text from a newspaper, passes it through an NLP Algo and thus is able to understand and read the paper for me.

At 11.00 .am, I and IVO were watching Chess on TV and I slept to only wake up at 4.00. I had nothing much to do, so I pulled out the chess board and asked IVO to play with me. I explained all the chess rules to IVO and we started Playing. Initially, I won two games, but as we progressed it was getting difficult for me to win, eventually I lost my10th game.

Machine Learning: IVO was gradually learning to play chess and to win, he was first learning while watching TV with me, then when I explained the rules. This is called Supervised Learning, where you are telling a machine what and how it to be done.

Every time I won the game, I told how that why did it lose and what wrong it did. IVO started improving, this is called Reinforcement Learning.

At 8.00 p.m, I planned to step out for dinner, so I asked IVO to clear the Chessboard and put all the pieces back. To my surprise, IVO segregated all pawns, elephants, horses and the rest.

It struck my mind, IVO is trained for Unsupervised Learning, where it is segregating pieces on the basis of their shape and colour and not on the basis of their name.

Tried capturing the basic essence of artificial intelligence and trying to uncomplicate the terms which are being thrown around to only confuse people.

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