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For Executives, Non Technical People

To Learn and Apply AI 


Non Coding approach to learn and apply AI, designed by Pallav, founder AI for Managers, will help you develop AI Skills, with an objective to apply these skills at your organisation or business.You will explore the domains in which AI is being used and help you develop an understanding of how the logic of it works. We are going to introduce you to the core skills that will get you a foot in the door. 

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Featured Courses

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AI For Managers

Non Coding approach to learn and apply AI, managers will learn to apply AI skills in their business and caree

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AI For Everyone

Learn the basic concepts of AI and understand how organisations should adopt artificial intelligence

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Elements of AI 

Understand the basic algorithms and maths behind artificial intelligence and get your basics clear


"If you start right, you have won half the battle", with more than thousand plus online courses in AI, their is a good chance you might be confused where to start from. We may not be able to make your career because it is in your hand, but we can certainly guide you. 

Business Meeting
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